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Kids Club Daycare Has a Problem With the $500-an-hour Minimum Wage

The Wall St Journal on Sunday, July 20, 2019 13:49:22Companies that make money from hiring kids and paying them low wages can get away with paying them less than the minimum wage. 

The minimum wage, a measure of the cost of living that is set at the federal level, is currently $7.25 per hour, but is set to rise to $9 an hour by 2021.

It is expected to go up to $10 by 2024, with a gradual rise until the end of 2021.

If the minimum were to increase, that would mean companies would pay less in the long run, because employees would not need to work more hours to make up the difference.

The minimum-wage law also raises the age for getting a job, from 17 to 18.

Companies that do not offer a job can charge workers under the age of 18 for a temporary position, which means they will likely pay younger workers less than older ones.

Many employers are worried about their employees getting hurt, and some say they are making a mistake by not raising the minimum.

Some companies say they have already been impacted by the minimum-wage hike.

In April, the National Retail Federation reported that more than 400 stores were closing due to the increase in the minimum, and that more stores could be closing in the coming weeks.

In May, the Associated Press reported that the National Restaurant Association reported that it was losing more than $6 billion a year in the wake of the minimum wages.