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Which California public schools are most vulnerable?

The public school system is a vulnerable asset, according to a report released Thursday by the California Association of School Boards, an industry group.

Public school teachers are the primary employees of schools and need to be able to provide good value for their time, according the California Alliance for Public Schools.

The report also shows that while California is a leader when it comes to teacher evaluations, the state has the lowest percentage of districts using those systems, which are more costly than traditional teacher evaluations.

The California Alliance report found that the public school systems with the highest number of teachers reporting low performance are in California’s most populous and diverse counties: Orange, San Bernardino, and San Diego.

“We have a lot of high-quality teachers in the public schools, but there are a lot fewer of them than there were a few years ago,” said John Pfeiffer, the California superintendent of public instruction.

Pfeffer said he’s also seeing “great progress” with the transition of district teachers into the private sector.

“The district teacher system is more than halfway through its transition from traditional public to private teacher education,” Pfeifer said.

He added that in the past few years, “the number of districts that have transitioned from public to charter, and we’re seeing some real growth in that, have been very successful.”

Pfeiffser also pointed to the increase in private charter schools, which have opened since last year.

While private charter school enrollment has grown in California, it’s only about 10 percent of all the public-school teachers in California.

PFEIFFER said charter schools are also having a greater impact on teachers.

They’re “increasing the workload and the workload on teachers,” PFEIFFER said.

“They’re also not the most cost-effective or effective for the district.

They can’t have as much autonomy.”

PFEICEFER said the association’s report highlights the need for districts to make “continuous and systematic efforts” to improve teacher effectiveness.

“Every teacher in every district is a teacher, and they need to know that their job is important,” PFAHIST said.

The association also called for schools to be more transparent about what their performance metrics are.

“As we know, accountability is key to teacher effectiveness, and transparency is critical to accountability,” PFIESS said.

But PFEFFER said schools can’t be overly transparent and that transparency isn’t a “silver bullet” for improving performance.

“There are no silver bullets,” he said.

PFAHAIST said the report shows that teachers are a key element of effective public education.

“Teachers are the people who are going to teach our kids the most,” PFeiffer said, “and they have to be rewarded with good value, and their work is valued.”

PFAHLIFE reported from Pasadena.