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‘I’m so glad to see this’ – ‘You’re all in the same boat’

I’ve been a member of Kids Beach Club for almost a year now, but I haven’t been able to take advantage of its benefits.

When I got into the club, I knew I’d be a part of something special.

But when I realized how many of the people who are in the club are struggling, struggling financially, and don’t get the same benefits as I do, I had a hard time accepting it.

The club’s motto is, “It’s all about the kids.”

When I joined, it had a goal of raising $100,000 in a single year.

And we were only able to raise $3,000 that year.

In 2018, we raised $45,000.

That means the club has raised $3.5 million dollars.

And that’s only the first step.

I was really excited to get involved with Kids Beach, and it’s been a great experience.

But I’m very glad to have joined Kids Beach.

I can’t thank everyone enough.

There are people out there that really care about our kids.

The staff are so supportive, and the people that work at the club have helped me to be a better dad.

And there are kids out there who need a little help.

So there are other kids out here that I can count on, and I hope that there are people that I’m able to connect with, too.

It’s a great place to be, and a great community.

I’ve met some of the staff and it really makes me feel like I belong there.

I’m really proud to be part of it.

I don’t want to leave.

Kids Beach is located at the beachfront in St. Johns.

Admission is free.

The best way to learn more about the club is to sign up to receive our newsletter, which will provide more information about the benefits of Kids Club, and how to join the club.

To learn more, check out the club’s website.

I know you’re excited to see the results of the Kids Club’s fundraising efforts.

We can’t wait to see how the community responds.

I hope you’ll be a member for the next 10 years.

It has been a pleasure serving as your local spokesperson.