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Kids swim club in Shanghai: What you need to know

Shanghai, China — The Shanghai Youth Club has a new swimwear line.

The latest is the Bamboo Beads, which are available in two colors: blue and yellow.

The new swim wear is based on the bamboo bead design, which is said to be a popular swimwear for Asian and American teenagers.

“I like the bamboo beads, they look beautiful,” said Wang Hui, who was at the Shanghai Youth Swim Club last Friday for a group photo with his friends.

The bamboo beads are meant to make them look more natural.

The bamboo bead swimwear is designed for younger kids, said a representative of the Shanghai YSC, adding that the designs are based on real bamboo, as well as a design by the Shanghai government’s Department of Culture and Tourism.

The Shanghai YSc also offers a new line of water safety products, which include a product that is specifically designed to prevent drowning.