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Samsung is looking to bring its own kids fun clubs to the UK

Samsung is in talks to bring a kids’ cooking club to the United Kingdom, with an eye on the area becoming the world’s largest children’s entertainment destination.

In an interview with The Times, Samsung’s Chief Operating Officer, Kim Young-soon, said the company is considering a location for its kids’ club to expand its appeal.

The company is currently looking at a number of locations around the world, including Hong Kong and the UK, but has yet to make a final decision, she said.

“It’s something we’re very interested in.

We have a huge network of our partners around the globe and we’re also working with a number partners to create a UK-focused kids’ dining experience,” she said, referring to the club concept, which was first announced last year.”

So it is a little bit of a hybrid idea where we want to bring our own food and drinks, we want our own atmosphere, and we want children to have a place to come together.”

The Samsung children’s restaurant concept was unveiled by Kim in March and featured a kids menu that included a range of dishes from the likes of Sichuan chicken and grilled pork, as well as the popular Sichu Chicken.

It was later confirmed to feature a children’s cooking section, and the company has said it is planning to expand the menu to include a variety of Chinese food.

A spokesman for the UK’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) confirmed that the department is currently considering the potential for Samsung’s new kids’ restaurant concept to be allowed to be licensed in the UK.

The spokesman said the BIS would be “considering” the possibility of licensing Samsung’s proposed venue in the coming weeks.

“There are a number things that need to be considered, including the ability for it to be open for business, the type of premises that will be permitted to host the event, and whether there is sufficient space and whether the facilities can accommodate the event and the staff and guests,” he said.

“All these things need to come to the BPS to get the appropriate clearance and we will be looking at all of these things.”

The spokesman did not provide further details on whether or not Samsung would be considering the possibility for the club to be permitted in the country.

The UK has long been a destination for South Korean companies, with Apple’s Applebee’s opening in the area back in 2004.

Samsung’s new concept will be the first of its kind to take place in the United States, where it will operate under a subsidiary of the Korean conglomerate, LG Electronics.