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How to make your own handmade pet blanket

Kids can be a bit of a pain in the ass when it comes to getting around.

But crafty crafty craftsman cat lovers can make their own pet blanket for free!

The crafty cat-lovers who made the DIY pet blanket have posted their adorable creations on Facebook.

Crafty Cat’s Crafty Pet Blanket is a fun and adorable DIY pet-themed blanket that uses only a handful of materials to make.

The blanket is perfect for the busy home or for your pet’s favourite activity, like snuggling.

Craftsy Cat’s Pet Blankets Craftsy cat’s crafts are amazing and it is great to see some of the people who share their creations on social media!

The blanket was inspired by Cat, a cat who loves crafting and her crafts.

Craftsy Cat has shared a tutorial for the blanket in which she shares the details of the blanket.

This blanket is so cute and adorable and the instructions are simple and straightforward.

Craftydogs cat has created a wonderful handmade pet-inspired blanket for kids that makes an amazing gift.