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What’s up with the Zax Kids Club online?

On the heels of its highly-anticipated debut, Zax’s newest album, Zox Kids Club, was released on Wednesday.

The album is a follow-up to 2012’s Zax Kidz Club, which also featured the likes of Kama Sutra and Jazzy Jeff.

As expected, the new album features a diverse lineup of artists, and it has some impressive guest appearances.

Zax also recently added a pair of new songs to the fold.

“Pussy,” featuring the likes and former Zax Kama, is one of those tracks that will undoubtedly bring the zany antics to your ears.

Check out the tracklist below.

Zox’s Zox Kidz club debut tracklist: 1.

Zuxo 2.

The Pussy (feat.

ZZL) 3.

Zektor 4.

The Zaxkid 5.

The Horseshoe 6.

Zixz 7.

The Baby (feat) 8.

The Jaxkicks 9.

Zap (feat.)


The Kidz 11.

Zaytoven 12.

Zazzy (feat.), Zox and Jaxx 13.

The Suddenness 14.

Zacar and The Kids (feat), The Zeklons 15.

The Fierce 16.

The Love Child 17.

ZazzzZax Kid’s Zuxkid album tracklist ZaxKams Club online.

ZaxKidsClub online.