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The biggest new kids’ club in the UK is about to open in Glasgow

The biggest kids’ group in the country is about for a big expansion, with a new venue due to open later this year in the heart of Glasgow’s CBD.

The Glasgow Kids Club is one of the UK’s biggest new clubs, with nearly 10,000 members, and has opened a new premises in the city’s heart this year, just blocks from the old location.

The new facility, which will be called the Glasgow Kids Centre, will be a four-storey building with a total of 12,000 square metres, with seating for up to 100 people, and features a wide variety of activities, including play areas, children’s toys, sports, a children’s art gallery, and a childrens museum.

The club’s members are a diverse group, with more than 80 per cent of its members aged between five and 17.

Glasgow Kids Club chief executive and founder, Hannah Kayser, said: “We’ve been in Glasgow for five years, and we’ve already seen the growth in membership over the last couple of years.”

The fact that the club is also a social club, so that people can come and hang out with each other, and hang with their friends and family, really makes it a great place for kids to come together.

“The club has a history dating back to the 1990s, when it was founded as a children club by its members and was then renamed the Glasgow Children’s Club.”

Our biggest growth has been in our membership,” Hannah said.”

This club has now grown to be the second-biggest kids’ centre in the world, and is the third-bigest kids’ school in the whole country.

“We’ve got a really strong core of young people, with an incredible range of ages, and the club has always been about that.”

And we want to build on that, to keep building on it.

“Glaswardogs new kids club is set to open to the public later this monthThe club currently has about 10,500 members, including the Glasgow City Council, the Scottish Government and the Glasgow County Council.

Glory Hall, a Glasgow-based company, will operate the new children’s centre and will provide services to the club.

Hannah said that the group had set out to build a “local, sustainable and sustainable business”.”

We’re not looking to go anywhere and we’re not interested in any particular type of funding, but we want this club to succeed, so we’re looking for the right funding,” Hannah added.

The group is currently in talks with a number of potential donors, including some major corporations and foundations, but Hannah said it had secured enough support to keep the group going.”

Glasstones new kids are the most engaged and passionate group in Scotland, and I think they’re the biggest club of any sort in the community,” she said.

The company said that its members were “hugely excited about the idea of running a kids’ space” and were looking forward to having a “fresh start”.”

The club is the best of the best, so the fact that we’re building it in the centre of Glasgow is a huge boost for the whole area,” Hannah continued.”

It’s going to be fantastic for the area and for the local economy.

“The Glasgow-born businesswoman, who joined the club in 2015, has been involved in the club since its inception, and she said it was “a fantastic opportunity to work alongside some of the most passionate people in the business”.

The club, which was founded in the 1990-96 school years, was created to foster a strong community spirit, with the main purpose of giving children the chance to experience the world through the arts and sports, and also provide a safe environment for young people to explore.”

A lot of kids don’t feel welcome in the modern world and don’t have a place to play or explore,” Hannah explained.”

So it’s really important that we give kids the chance of having a fun time and having a positive, positive impact on society.

“They’re really excited about it, and are really looking forward.”

There’s a really positive vibe coming from the club and the people who work there, and there’s a lot of young talent that’s coming through, and it’s going really well.

“For more information about the club, you can check out the Glasgow kids club website here.