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Kids Code Club, Inc. has $1M in funding for kids’ coding club

Lighthouse Kids Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing coding to underserved youth through coding, has raised $1 million to launch a new program.

The group was formed with the aim of bringing coding and technology to underserving youth in Los Angeles County, according to the group’s website.

Lighthouse’s founder and CEO, Matthew Karp, is a veteran of the Silicon Valley tech scene, having previously founded Code.org, which was used by Facebook and other tech giants to bring coding and other technology to the masses.

The goal of Lighthouse is to offer a “world-class” program that includes computer programming, online courses and a full-time mentorship program, according the website.

Lighthouse has raised over $1.5 million in capital, and is working with community partners to launch the new program this year, according a release.

In addition to the mentorship, the group plans to build a “growing digital library” of coding programs that will include free online courses, a free video series and a weekly webcast.

Lights Out, an organization that supports young people of color, has also launched a program with the goal of bringing digital coding to underrepresented communities, according in a statement.

The program will be led by Lighthouse’s co-founder, Michelle L. Brown, and will offer a full program and an introductory course.

The Lights Out program will include online courses that include the basics of coding, with an emphasis on computer science.

The organization’s first class, which is currently in its second year, will teach young people the basics and fundamentals of coding.

It will also provide them with a coding environment that is inclusive and welcoming.

The program will also be open to all ages and will allow them to learn and build skills they will need to become a better programmer.

The new program will launch in 2019, according Bright Futures, a program focused on mentoring and expanding opportunities for underserved populations.