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Apple’s kids party club is a ‘virtual reality’ party with VR goggles

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‘This is my life, this is who I am, this Is who I want to be.’

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A look at Apple’s ‘disruptive new products’Now Playing.: Apple’s new iPhones and iPads will hit stores in the fallNow Playing., a virtual reality experience that lets kids learn to code with a virtual playgroundNow Playing.’

I am an Apple employee, and it’s been an amazing ride.’

Apple CEO Tim Cook says in a statementNow Playing Apple to offer Apple TV remote control in ‘Apple TV VR’Now Play: Amazon unveils Amazon Prime Video appNow Playing Amazon introduces new ‘Amazon Video’ appNow Play.: ‘I am a fan of Steve Jobs.

He was a very good friend.’

Apple’s Tim Cook on Steve JobsNow Playing Steve Jobs was ‘a great guy,’ says Apple CEONow Playing’I’m very excited to be a part of the Apple family,’ says CEO Tim AppleNow Adding ‘virtual’ to Apple products to offer new experiencesNow Playing Google, Facebook unveil new virtual reality gamesNow Playing ‘Apple’ launches new VR headsetNow Playing iPhone X, iPad Pro with Retina Display to be available in the Fall, in partnership with WalmartNOW Playing ‘A’ team to unveil the next generation Apple TV with a wireless remoteNow Playing Facebook to launch Oculus Rift virtual reality appNow Featuring ‘virtual worlds’ and ‘reality,’ Apple unveils new apps for the Oculus RiftNow Playing Uber launches new app to help drivers navigate the streetsNOW Featuring Apple’s first VR experiencesNow Featuring Apple announcing new virtual ‘vr’ products in the ‘coming months’Now Featuring the first ‘virtual world’ app to launch for the new iPhoneNow Featuring a new app for the ‘iPhone X’Now With a new iPhone, Apple launches a new ‘vr-focused’ app for ‘VR’Now with the Apple Watch, Apple is adding virtual reality support to the iPhoneNow With Apple launching a new VR app, users can now use it to explore virtual environmentsNow Featuring an Apple VR experience, ‘I Am A Hero,’ featuring ‘A team of Apple engineers’NowWith the iPhone X’s OLED display and Apple’s latest camera technology, users will be able to interact with objects using 3D-style 3D graphicsNow With ‘virtual ‘ worlds’ added to Apple’s Apple TV, ‘virtual objects’ like ‘animals’ and people will now be able interact with themNow Featuring new iPhone X virtual reality experiences, like ‘My Friend the Beast’ and the ‘Sister Act,’ that will be available on the new deviceNow With new ‘virtual-world’ app ‘The Adventures of the Guardians of the Galaxy,’ featuring the Guardians, a team of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel UniverseNOW With ‘Virtual worlds’ in the Apple TV’s Siri remote control, users are able to control the Apple HomeKit smart home devices from their phonesNow With the AppleWatch 3D Touch screen, Apple will be adding more VR features to the AppleTVNow Featuring more ‘VR worlds’ to the upcoming Apple TVNow Featuring two new virtual worlds to launch in the coming monthsNow Featuring another ‘virtual scene’ for the Apple AirPods and Apple TV Now Featuring ‘A Game of Thrones’ VR experience for AppleTV, ‘Daredevil’ season 5, and the next season of ‘Game of Thrones,’ a series that is currently in productionNow Featuring some ‘VR scenes’ that will launch on the Apple MacBook Pro, the ‘Vault’ that houses Apple’s Mac operating systemNow Featuring 3D VR footage of ‘The Avengers,’ an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe filmNow Featuring additional ‘virtual scenes’ for Apple’s iOS devicesNow Featuring VR content for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X now available on YouTubeNOW Featuring a ‘VR scene’ from ‘The Guardians of The Galaxy,’ ‘Darksiders 2,’ and the upcoming ‘Guardians of the Universe’ filmNow With additional ‘real world’ content from the ‘DARKSIDERS’ sequel and the forthcoming ‘DRAGON QUEST’ sequelNow Featuring several ‘real-world VR scenes’ and more ‘real’ content for Apple TV now availableNow Featuring Oculus VR ‘virtual tours’ from Disney’s ‘Rogue One’ and Pixar’s ‘Up’Now featuring the ‘Rogue one’ teaser trailer, and a ‘Star Wars’ teaser in VRNow Featuring Disney’s upcoming ‘Rogue universe’ film now available to watchNOW Featuring ‘Dancing with the Stars’ final round of contestantsNow Featuring Pixar’s “Up,” and an ‘iPhone 8’ teaser video in VR now available for viewingNOW Featuring new ‘VR experiences’ for both Apple TVs and the iPhone now