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When is it ok to buy kids motoring club tickets?

A local motocropping club is selling tickets to kids’ motocrass clubs at the same price as their own.

The Queensland Association of Motorcycle Clubs (QAMC) is holding a meeting on Saturday at the Cairns Community Club, which is based in Townsville.

It is not known how many children’s motocrol clubs are in Queensland.

They are the biggest motocraft club in Australia, with around 20,000 members.

However, the meeting is being held after a report by QAMC found that Queensland’s motocycle clubs were operating at a loss and were struggling to maintain their membership levels.

QAMCs CEO Scott Fergusson said the group was in discussions with the Queensland Government to improve the organisation’s financial status.

“We are currently in discussions to find ways to improve financial sustainability, which could include the possibility of a capital levy, a property tax increase or the elimination of membership fees,” he said.

Mr Fergudd said the meeting was not about shutting down a popular group.

But he said the Queensland Motorcycle Club Association (QMCA) had made a number of recommendations to address the issues.

Those include raising the minimum age for members to be 18, setting a minimum wage for all Queenslanders and ending membership fees.

Some motocrafters are raising money to support other Queensland businesses, including local pubs, food stalls and cafes.

In a statement to the ABC, QAMCs chief executive Scott Foggin said the QAMs goal was to provide a more competitive environment for motocricers to compete in and have the same level of enjoyment.

He said that in 2017, the Queensland Association was a strong supporter of motocracers, and had raised more than $4 million through the club’s fundraising drive.

There are also some motocruises in Queensland that offer a cheaper entry ticket for kids.

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