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Kids club wants to buy children’s clothing store, cafe, bakery and more

Kids Club International has made its first acquisition of a clothing store in the UK, buying the local clothing retailer in the north-east of England’s capital, London.

The new business, Kids Club Outfitters, will open on the third floor of a property on St Mary’s Street, just off Oxford Street.

It will have a store, café, bakery, bar and a cafe in the ground floor.

The property is in an area that has a very high concentration of low-income families, with a significant number of the households living below the poverty line.

It is also home to a large number of people living in temporary accommodation, and many families are unable to afford basic items, such as clothes and toiletries, said the UK’s first-ever chief executive of the children’s charity, Paul Johnson.

The store is a combination of three retail outlets: a children’s store, a childrens clothing store and a children and young people’s store.

The former will be a kids-friendly store, with toys, books, clothing and more for children aged two to five, with the latter a kids’ clothing and footwear store.

It is also designed to be family friendly, with large and small size options, a full range of children’s products and a full menu of food, drinks and snacks, Johnson said.

The children’s shop is the same size as the kids store, he added.

“We’re not just selling toys, we’re also selling our own clothing, our own jewellery, our parents’ clothing, and we’ve got a children-focused food menu, so it’s a very wide variety of goods,” Johnson said, describing the store as a very different approach to other similar stores in the city.

“It’s going to be a very, very diverse business that is going to sell a range of different goods to children, and so there’s no obvious barriers to entry in terms of what people are going to want to buy.”

There are a number of children-friendly shops in London, including the childrens boutique chain Kids & Friends, which Johnson says has attracted over 60,000 children to its stores since opening in 2015.

“They sell everything from t-shirts and baby dolls to children’s books and children’s toys,” Johnson added.

In the last three years, Kids &amps; Friends has grown its business by 15 per cent and it has opened new stores in London and Brighton, which is in the heart of the city’s inner-city.

The current Kids &amasses shop is set to close, but the company plans to reopen in 2019 in the same location.