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When you’re a kid, the rules of your club are pretty different

When you are a kid you are free to be a little eccentric and wild, but when you grow up, you will be expected to adhere to some strict rules of decorum.

And that’s a good thing, according to an official with the Longhorn Kids Club in Connecticut, where it was decided that “the fun has to stop”.

Longhorn, which has about 30 clubs in the US and Canada, announced on its Facebook page that it would be closing down on Sunday.

The announcement came after the club posted an online plea to its nearly 300,000 members: “It’s time for us to start making some tough choices about the decor of our clubs.

As a club, we have to be responsible, and we have been for many years.”

The club’s announcement came in response to a petition that was started in late March by a group of members who said that the club had become a “distraction” to the general public, as it had not followed its own rules and did not adhere to the club’s dress code.

The group also argued that the girls club had no right to operate.

The club is located in Hartford, Connecticut, and its Facebook profile said that it was founded in 1997 by five girls who were the first in their families to attend college.