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How to be a bully’s kid club’s biggest fan

On a recent visit to the Prairie Kids Club in Calgary, the boys and girls were having a fun time, drinking beer and chatting about football.

The girls are known as Prairie Kids, and they have been a fan for years.

“It’s pretty awesome.

They’re like, ‘Hey, we want to come to the games,'” said Alex, who is a freshman.

The boys are Prairie Kids members.

The club has more than 60 members, including girls, seniors and students.

They all have a different passion for their sport, and each year they give away trophies to kids in need.

The Club is also hosting an annual “praise night” in the club parking lot for kids to meet each other and hug.

“I’m pretty proud of how many people come up and hug,” said Alex.

“You guys are really kind, but there’s a lot of kids that have been through it, and I just think that’s really cool.”

The boys have a lot to offer to the young fans.

They give them their autographs and take them for a spin around the rink.

They talk to them about their games and they help with their food, too.

They are all dedicated to helping kids get the most out of their sport.

“When you see a kid that’s doing their best, they’re going to give it everything that they have,” said MaxFli, the youngest of the boys.

“And if you’re not doing that, they will see you, and you’re going, ‘Oh, you’re so talented, I love you.’

They’re really going out of the way to help you.

And that’s what we want our kids to do.”

The girls have a very different way of showing support, however.

They make sure their members know who they are and what they are doing.

“They’ll be like, you know, ‘You’re not going to do that because we know you don’t care about it,’ ” said Max.

The girl members will say, ‘Thank you, Max.

I love your work.’

“They’re really good,” said Chris.

“Their work ethic is really amazing.

And I think that shows.”

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