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What you need to know about Norway’s kids club

Norway has one of the world’s largest kids clubs, but the nation’s children don’t have the right to join the group.

Norwegian children are excluded from the Norwegian Kids Club because of the country’s strict rules, which state that children under 13 cannot join.

In addition, Norway’s rules ban participation by minors.

The Children’s Committee for Norway (CNBN), which works with the children to promote the club, says it has received many complaints about the rules, and has begun an investigation.

The CNBN says its members are told by the parents to stay out of the club.

According to the Norwegian Youth Federation, Norway has more than 200 children’s clubs, including about 300 clubs that are run by adults, which are run independently of the government.

The group says that in the last three years, about half of all of its clubs have been closed down.

It says many clubs have closed their doors for various reasons.

One of the reasons is because they can no longer keep up with the demands of their members.

The organization says the rules against children in Norwegian youth clubs can be very difficult for children to follow, and it says many children do not even know what a membership means.

It also says that parents who refuse to give their children a membership are punished.

The Norwegian Youth Association has a website called https://norwegiankidsclub.org, which explains the rules and shows the names of the clubs.

The website also has information about the Norway Kids Club.

It lists all the clubs it manages, including the ones that do not have a children’s club.

It gives a number of statistics, such as membership figures, which show that in 2012, there were more than 400,000 children who were members of Norwegian youth groups.

The list of Norwegian children’s groups shows that in 2009, there was a record number of 1.8 million children.

The children’s association says it can’t count the number of children who have been active in the Norwegian kids club, since it is impossible to know how many kids are actively involved.

It is also not possible to count the total number of people in Norway who have joined the Norwegian children club, because it is not a government-run organization.

In an interview with the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, the director of the children’s committee, Tove Olsen, said it was very difficult to find out how many children are active in Norwegian children clubs.

She said she had not seen the statistics for 2009 and 2010, and she had to ask other people, including some in government, who are not involved in the club if they could provide the statistics.

Olsen told Aftenpreisen that she had asked other members of the committee to provide their figures, and that they had provided them to the newspaper.

She did not say what she meant by “people not involved”.

Olsen said that the number was still not known.

She told Aftonbladet that the statistics were not very good, because they could not even confirm if there was one or two children active in one club.

The NRK news agency quoted Olsen as saying that her colleagues in the government did not give her the information she was looking for.

The National Council for the Welfare of Children (NCCW) told AFT that the government was working to update its own rules.

The NCCW also said that in a meeting on Thursday, the government agreed to open a consultation process to determine if the Norwegian rules on children’s activities should be updated.

The government said it will also look into whether it should add the club to its list of clubs, which is currently the responsibility of the Norwegian Association of Child and Family Workers.

A spokesperson for the Norwegian Children’s Society said the group had not received any requests for details of the new rules, nor did it know what they might entail.

Norway is one of a number countries in Europe that has tightened rules against underage membership in youth clubs.

In 2016, the country was among a handful of countries that made it mandatory for children aged 13 to 15 to be part of a children-only club, or the “nursery”.

Norway has also been one of several European countries that has taken steps to crack down on child pornography and child prostitution.

A number of countries have passed laws against child prostitution, while several other countries have adopted tougher laws on child abuse and neglect.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has also said it does not accept child prostitution as a crime, but it has also made a number and specific recommendations on how to combat child abuse.

The UN says child prostitution is a global crime, and child sex trafficking is a crime in many countries.