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What we know about the Tigers and Alamo Kids Club’s nickname

Posted March 15, 2019 12:15:50The Alamo kids in San Antonio’s Alamo Park are famous for their “big fat” shirts and a tradition of making them for charity.

But a Facebook page has since been set up to honour them.

It started in January and has garnered over 300,000 likes and over 12,000 shares in the last few days.

The Alamos name is a play on the word “Big Fat”.

It started when the boys decided to use the club’s name in honour of their grandmothers.

“We just thought we were a little bit silly and decided to change the name to the Alamo,” said Alamo Girls Club member Katie Hensley.

“And it just kind of went from there.”

Alamo Kids club is a club for kids in Austin, Texas, where the kids go to the baseball field and the Alamoes have their home in the park.

“It’s just fun to be around and it’s a good way to connect with other kids in our area,” said Hens.

The club is also helping raise money for Alamo Children’s Hospital.

“When you come to the park, it’s always good to meet people and see the kids, that’s just something you never know when you’re at home,” said club member Kayla Farr.

The Facebook page is a way for the community to show support for the club, even if it’s just a little donation to their cause.

“There’s a lot of kids in the area who are just doing the right thing by helping other kids, and they don’t get a chance to do that at home so it’s really important to give back,” said Ms Farr who started the page after her grandson’s birth.

“So that’s why it’s important to get it going.

It’s really fun to do.”