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How to make your own Indian food at home

Indian food lovers who crave a hearty, comforting meal at home are going to have to make do with some traditional recipes.

Here’s how.

What you need:1.

A pot that has been drained.

You can get the pot that comes with your stove top or a small ceramic pot, which is fine.

The larger the pot, the larger the amount of water it can hold.2.

A lid.

Some Indian cookbooks call for the lid to be covered with a cloth.

If you’re going to cook in a pot, you should make it bigger, too.3.

A pan.

You don’t want to use a regular frying pan, though, as it will add moisture to your cooking.4.

A metal cutting board or cutting board knife.

It’s essential that you have a good cutting board to use to cut up the meat.

It will give you more time to prepare your meat.5.

A plate.

The bigger the plate, the better, since the larger your plate, you’ll be able to eat more food in one sitting.6.

A wooden spoon or spoonful.

This is the most important ingredient in any Indian dish, since it will help you prepare the ingredients.7.

A small spoon or knife.

This will help with the cutting of the meat as well as make it more flavorful.8.

A bowl.

This should be filled with water and the water should be cold.

If it’s cold, it’ll be hard to eat.9.

A spoons or spoonfulls of sugar.

A good spoons will help your food cook quicker, but it’s still best to get the right kind of sugar if you want to cook for a long time.10.

A glass jar.

This jar can be a container of milk, a cup of tea, or even a small bottle of orange juice.11.

A cloth.

Some cookbooks recommend using a plastic bag or a piece of string.

If your kitchen is not very well ventilated, you might want to try the plastic bag.12.

A spatula.

Some of the recipes suggest using a spatula to cut through the meat, but you don’t have to.

Make sure that you use a spatulum that can be removed easily.13.

A spoon or utensil.

A large spoon or a spoonful will help prepare your food quicker.14.

A chopstick.

A thick wooden chopstick is great to have in your kitchen to help you get the meat and vegetables off the bone.15.

A fork.

A sharp knife will be the easiest way to slice up the food.

The other way is to cut the meat into bite-sized pieces, which can take some time.16.

A knife.

A thin, sharp knife is best to slice the meat for a better bite.17.

A food processor.

A hand-held food processor will help to cut out the meat from the bones.18.

A blender.

A fine-mesh blender can make the meat easier to eat and is usually used to process vegetables, too, such as onions and garlic.19.

A pestle or measuring spoon.

A plastic cup or a bowl will help in the preparation of the food and make it easier to mix it.20.

A strainer.

A little bit of water will help remove the excess water from the meat before you begin chopping it.21.

A ladle.

A stainless steel ladle will help speed up the process of cutting the meat while also helping to prevent any brown spots.22.

A chopping board.

A cutting board will help slice the food up quicker and will also help you remove any brown bits.23.

A saucepan.

A well-seasoned saucepan will make it possible to cook the meat longer.24.

A griddle.

A heavy-duty griddle is essential in the cooking process, since your skin will not be as tender and it will be easier to handle.25.

A steamer.

A big pot of water is essential for cooking the meat to a crisp texture.26.

A frying pan.

A cast iron pan is used for frying and also to heat the oil in your pan for the most part.27.

A slow cooker.

A crockpot can be used for cooking and heating food, but this is a good idea if you’re cooking for a longer time than a few hours.28.

A saute pan.

This can be an excellent choice for the cooking of steaks, chicken, fish, or chicken dishes, since you can heat the meat easily and evenly.29.

A pressure cooker.

This method of cooking requires less time and can be very effective in reducing the amount and the amount that needs to be cooked.30.

A immersion blender.

An immersion blender makes it possible for you to cook meat very slowly and accurately.31.

A water bath.

The more time you spend in your house, the longer your food will be able time to absorb all the moisture