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‘We need to talk’: Football Federation chief explains how the Football Association is handling the scandal

Football Association president Bill Kenwright has told the BBC that he will “continue to push for reforms” and that the FA will not be allowed to “divert attention” from the scandal engulfing the sport.

The FA has now been accused of being “an institution that is totally detached from the game”.

However, Kenwright also said he has “very clear ideas” about how the game is run in the future.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 live, Kennington said the FA needed to be “a little bit more transparent”.

“I have very clear ideas about how we can go forward and I believe we can do that,” he said.

“We need a little bit of a conversation and that will continue to be a central part of our future.”

I’m very open and I’m not going to shy away from discussing what I think we need to do.

“And I’m certainly going to be pushing for reform.

I don’t think there’s any question about that.”

Kennington was in London for the launch of the Football Italian website.

The site is being hosted by the Football League, which is currently running a website that allows users to submit questions to the governing body.

The Football League has already apologised for not contacting the FA before the allegations of improper conduct were made public.

“The Football Association of England (FA) was not contacted by the FA for two weeks after the allegations were made,” a statement read.

“This was due to a series of internal disciplinary matters and the FA was unable to contact the FA until January 10.”

Kenwright has previously called for an “unbiased investigation” of the FA, saying he was “deeply disappointed” in the way the organisation handled the situation.

“It was absolutely disgraceful, and I do not believe the FA is prepared to engage in a fair and impartial investigation,” he added.

“What I’ve seen on the website is that the organisation has done nothing to address this.”

So, the next step is to get it right.

“That will not happen until the FA has a full and open investigation into the situation and it will not come before the FA.”

If they want to continue to ignore what is going on, they will have to.