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What happened at Brighton & Glams to the children of Brighton &am;Glams?

Brighton & am;Gamp has announced a two-year, $20 million funding campaign to help support the growth of kids clubs in the city.

The announcement came on the same day that the city announced a $50 million funding round for the Brighton & Am;Gamps Children’s Club, a partnership between the city and the Brighton Boys and Girls Club (B&AGC).

The B&AGCs youth clubs will now be overseen by the B&AC, the children’s charity which is led by the city’s mayor.

The B+AGCs’ first children’s club, Brighton’s Brighton & Amp;Gums, opened in May 2016.

It will be joined by the first B&A Kids club in the UK.

“We’re thrilled to announce the funding to support the B+G’s children’s clubs in Brighton & amp;Gum as part of this new funding programme,” Brighton & AM;Gams president Dr. Michael Koeppel said.

“Our kids will benefit from these new funding opportunities as we grow and become a better city for kids.

We have a bright future ahead and we look forward to seeing all the kids of Brighton grow up in a safe and secure community.”

The city has also committed $15 million to the B &AGC’s Brighton Children’s Centre, which is aimed at supporting children with autism and other developmental disabilities.

“This funding is a significant boost for our children’s centre in Brighton, which has the highest rate of children with disabilities in the country,” said Dr. Koeppen.

“It also supports our community of young people who want to learn about different cultures and the arts and who have an interest in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the like.”

B&AC chairman Dr. Andrew Mackey said that Brighton &Gums had helped “millions” of children who could no longer go to school.

“Brighton &amp.;Gums’ new funding will allow our children to learn in a more accessible environment,” Mackey added.

“Our goal is to make the B.&AGs children’s centres a place where children can live and learn together, regardless of their background.

We know that this will be hugely beneficial to our city.”

The Brighton Boys & Girls Club, which was founded in 2013, opened its first childrens club in April 2016.

“In 2017, we opened the Brighton and Aston Villa Boys’ Club and are now launching the BAC Boys’ club in 2018,” B&GA chairman Dr Chris Whitehead said.

“We’re proud to support this new initiative and look forward with enthusiasm to the continued growth of the B and G &amp clubs and the B’s and G’s of Brighton.”