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What’s next for Uva Kids Club and Ukulele Kids Club?

Posted by The News Hub on Saturday, February 15, 2019 17:08:50This is the second week of the year where Uva and Uklele Kids Clubs have started the new year.

They are also holding their first annual festival, where they will share music, dance, and crafts from the Uva Children’s Club.

It’s a great opportunity for UVA students to come together and make new friends.

Uva and the Ukuleles will also be sharing their special musical traditions, such as The Humboldt, which is the musical language of the UvA students.

This is a very important thing that UVA has to share with the rest of the world, as it has become the standard for UvAs music.

The Ukulelets are in the second year of their annual festival.

The festival is an annual celebration of the community, which UVA’s campus was built on.

This year’s festival will include the UVA Uvajazz, a special, musical experience that celebrates the musical history of the Ukules.

They will be performing music that’s from the Ukles past and present.

This festival is also a way for the community to learn about music and to interact.

This will be the first year that Ukulees will be in the spotlight for performing, so we want them to be able to be recognized as ambassadors of UVA.UVA students will be invited to attend the festival, as well.

UVA is one of only four schools in the U.S. that have a UvAm Festival.

They have played on campuses around the country, and have even toured a few times.

It will be a great experience for UVa students to have the chance to meet and socialize with the Ukuels.