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When a cute little crafty kid gets in trouble for making a bomb in his backyard

When a little boy accidentally made a bomb and was put on trial for making it in his own backyard, it made him a little bit angry.

It all started with a harmless little prank involving a simple Lego piece that he had painted a circle with.

It wasn’t long before the police showed up and asked the family to leave the property.

The boy said he’d only done it for fun and he was only trying to make the circle bigger.

However, he was charged with making a dangerous device, which carries a maximum penalty of a year in prison.

He said he was scared of the consequences and even told the judge he didn’t know what the law meant.

“The judge told me that it wasn’t a crime to make a bomb but I still felt a bit scared,” he told news.com.au.

“I just wanted to get it out of my backyard so I could play with it.”

The boy was fined $100 and told to pay $20 to the local council, which was later paid.

He was also ordered to attend a drug awareness course and keep a diary about his experience.

Now he’s getting his revenge.

“I think it’s been very nice of the police to take the time to come and give me some help,” he said.

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