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‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ director on the show’s ‘crazy’ endearing character and why it could be ‘a cult classic’

Teenage Mutant, Ninja Turtles is an amazing franchise that can’t be beaten.

It has spawned a massive cult following and an ever-expanding movie universe, and there’s no denying the appeal.

The show has been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film, the first time a film of this caliber has ever been nominated.

But while it’s a massive phenomenon, it’s not for everyone.

In fact, I have some thoughts on how it could ultimately be a cult classic and a classic for the ages.

In the end, though, the franchise is one of the most relatable things to watch on television.

The Turtles have been around since 1987, and the show has always been about the kids, so I can understand why it has such a big fan base.

But what if the show were about something bigger?

What if it were about a family?

The answer to that question lies in the “crazy” ending.

It’s easy to see the show ending in a similar way to the previous seasons of the show, but what if there was a different ending?

What would the end of the TMNT universe be like?

What is the most bizarre, shocking, and unbelievable ending you’ve ever seen on TV?

To answer this question, we’ll need to delve into the TMNverse.

This is a series of interviews with series creators Matt and Joe Russo, and we’ll be discussing the show and its creative process.

For now, though — we’re in the midst of the third season of Teenage Ninja Turtles, which is in theaters now.

This week’s guest, Matt Groening, joined us to talk about the series, why it’s such a huge hit, and why he would make an awesome villain for the TMNs.

But first, we’ve got a spoiler warning.

So listen up if you haven’t yet.

We’ll go into more detail on this next episode of the Geek Talk podcast, and then we’ll dive into a very special episode.

So without further ado, let’s dive in. 1.

Why are we talking about Teenage Mutants and Ninja Turtles?

There are a lot of reasons to talk to Matt Groaning, the man behind Teenage Nerd, the Nickelodeon animated series Teenage Witch, and a host of other series like The Venture Bros. So why is he the guy we’re talking to?

Groening’s a big nerd, and his nerdy side comes through in his work on TMNT.

It seems fitting that Teenage Teen Mutant Ninja Turtle should be a fan favorite because he’s the one who first brought the idea of the turtles to life in the first place.

Groening was a kid who was obsessed with the Teenage Marvel series and was hooked on the Teen Mutant series as a child.

He even gave it a name: TMNT, or Teenage Beast.

In his spare time, Groening would watch the show in the dark and read the TM books.

He’d sometimes even get his own Turtle to help him write.

“That’s my favorite part about TMNT,” he told EW.

“The turtles are always just super cool and they’re always really, super fun.

The weirdest thing about it is, the Turtles are kind of like superheroes.

The idea of a superhero Turtle is kind of cool. “

It’s just a bunch of cool turtles with a weird name.

The idea of a superhero Turtle is kind of cool.

But when you’re a kid, when you were a kid you would think about the Turtles as heroes.

You would think they’re this weird, super, super weird superhero Turtle.”

So while he wasn’t a huge fan of the Teen Titans or Teen Witch, he was a huge TMNT fanboy, so when he saw the TM films, he decided to create a TMNT movie.

“When I saw the Turtles I was like, ‘I’m going to do a TM movie,'” he recalled.

“I think that TM movies are a little too big for me.

I would love to make a TM Turtles movie, but I’m not really into that.”

It was this desire to make the movie that led to his idea of turning the turtles into the Teen Mutants.

“This idea of making a TM franchise, and I think TM is an iconic brand, was born of my childhood,” Groening said.

“TMNT is so iconic because of this weird kid, this weird teenager, this crazy kid.

So I thought, let me make a Turtles movie that is also really, really iconic.”

This idea, of creating a TM film that is iconic in the franchise, inspired Groening to write the script for TMNT: The Movie.

He explained that the TM movies themselves are so big and they are so iconic, that it was a natural fit to make an iconic TM movie.

He wrote a very specific script and called it Teenage Nightmare