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Why Zaxby’S Kids Club has raised $50m in five years, as it continues to grow

By Tom BoonenPosted on July 26, 2017 07:31:50A group of kids’ charities is making the case for a new charity.

The Zaxbys Kids Club is set to raise $50 million by 2021 from a combination of investors and members.

The foundation is set up by former ZaxBY kids’ club manager and the founder of ZaxBy’s kids’ charity, Dan Cairns.

It will work with the ZaxKids Trust to invest in the charity’s operations.

“Zaxby has been a leader in providing great opportunities for children, but we know it is not enough,” Dan said.

“It is not a quick fix, but it will be a start.”

The foundation will build the ZAXBY Trust, which will enable children and families to access great opportunities to get their kids into the worlds best schools.

“The ZAXby’s Kids Club opened its doors in 2014.

It now boasts over 200 schools across Australia, and has a membership of over 1.5 million people.

Dan says he is pleased to see the foundation continue to grow.”

In the last 10 years, the foundation has grown by more than $30 million,” he said.”[We] have been able to grow that by a significant amount and now we are able to continue that momentum by doubling the size of the foundation.

“The foundation’s mission is to help children in disadvantaged communities achieve the best outcomes possible, and to promote better relationships between schools and communities.

Dan is also passionate about Zax by’s kids, and the community’s support.”

Our aim is to ensure the best outcome for the children of ZAXbys kids club,” he explained.”

We believe it is important that schools and the communities they serve have a strong support system and that we support our kids’ clubs as they grow.

This is something we are proud to have helped to achieve, and our hope is that this foundation can provide support to schools and to the community to make this a reality.

“Dan said that Zax By’s Kids is the only children’s charity he knows of that has been able the scale it has been, and that he is confident that the foundation can continue to be a driving force for good for kids in disadvantaged settings.”

There are hundreds of other kids’ services in this country that we could go and work with and be a part of but they are all too small, and they don’t have the scale to do the work we are doing at the ZZBY Kids Club,” he added.

Zaxbys children’s club has now raised $49 million since opening in 2015.

Its first annual fund-raising dinner was held in January 2018.

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