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Which NRL clubs are best to watch in 2019?

The NRL has named the clubs it believes are best for fans in 2019.

Auckland Warriors are the NRL’s top-ranked club in 2019 and have the best average attendances in the league.

The Warriors, who play in the Pacific Division, play at home in their home ground of Mt Smart Stadium and have a home advantage of more than 50 per cent.

The NRL said their average attendance was 3,723.

The Raiders, who are playing in the Western Suburbs, are also in the top five in 2019 with a 3,835 average attendence.

They play at Parramatta Stadium in Sydney and have an average attendage of 3,064.

Sydney Roosters are in third place with 3,087 average attendations.

The Western Bulldogs have a 1,664 average attendent and the Rabbitohs have a 2,897 average attendance.

The Kangaroos are in fourth place with 2,788 average attendents.

Newcastle Knights are in fifth place with a 2 (1.9 average attend) and the Panthers are in sixth place with 1,978.

Melbourne Storm are in seventh place with 4,811 average attendees.

North Queensland Cowboys are in eighth place with 5,091 average attenders.

South Sydney Rabbitohts are in ninth place with 6,038 average attendes.

Tigers are in 10th place with 7,099 average attendings.

The Cowboys are a top 10 club in the country in terms of average attendee numbers, having a 4,906 average attendant.

They also have a 3.8 average attend average.