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Kids Club Charity Fund Raises $150M for NYA

NEW YORK — The children’s club group Ashtead Kids Club Foundation raised $150 million for the children’s organization New York Aids, according to its website.

The funds will go toward the organization’s mission, which is to provide high quality education for young people with developmental disabilities through the Ashteads.

“The money raised will go towards helping us build the Ashtad Children’s Hospital, the Ashted Children’s Museum, and the AshTeads Education Center, and to fund our activities for young learners, as well as the creation of the Ashtdasht Children’s Foundation,” the foundation said in a statement.

Ashtead’s mission is to create a safe and healthy learning environment for children with developmental and behavioral disabilities through teaching and learning.

In January, the foundation announced a partnership with the New York State Department of Education to launch a statewide program to help students learn at Ashteades.

On Thursday, the state said it would spend $1.5 million on the initiative, and was working with Ashteader leaders to develop a plan to deliver the funds.

The $150-million figure, based on a September analysis of the state’s most recent tax returns, represents about 2 percent of the $5.2 billion that the Ashtes children’s group raised through the program.

The state’s top tax official, Andrew Cuomo, has said the state would not support any money to help build the facility.

But, in an interview with Bloomberg Television last week, he did not rule out a donation to the foundation.