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Westgate kids’ club to open at ‘nearby shopping mall’

The Westgate Kids’ Club, an offshoot of the Westgate Mall, will open its first shop in Westgate’s Westgate Shopping Mall.

Westgate Kids Club will be located in West Gate’s West Gate Shopping Mall in West, Massachusetts.

The store is being built in partnership with The West Gate Kids’ Center, which was the first children’s children’s center to open in Westfield, Massachusetts in the 1980s.

Westgate and The WestGate Kids’ Centers have teamed up to build the store.

The Westgate store will be called The West Gateway Kids’ Store.

WestGate Kids Club president David D. Baskins said in a statement that he is very excited about the store and is excited to be a part of the team.

He said the West Gate store will offer children and families the opportunity to interact and meet.