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Why I’m so excited to be attending the kids club in Ibiza in July 2016

It’s been nearly six years since I last visited the Ibiza kids club, and I’m finally back for the summer of 2019. 

In July 2016 I first heard of the club from a friend.

I hadn’t been to Ibiza before, and was curious as to what was happening there. 

My friend, who was from New Zealand, had been to a kids club once before, back in the early 1990s when it was called the Nauru Club. 

I knew the place was a popular one, so I went and got a ticket. 

The kids club was a mixture of kids and adults, and included a range of activities including dancing, reading, dancing and painting. 

However, this was only one of many kids’ clubs in the city. 

Another was the Bodega, which was also popular with kids and included classes for adults. 

At the time, Ibiza was known for being an island paradise, with beaches, beaches, sunsets and more sunsets than anywhere else on Earth. 

There was something about the Ibis that made it so appealing to me. 

It was a place I had heard about before, but hadn’t seen. 

So I was excited to visit. 

On my first day in Ibizas city centre, I spotted the Nausicaa Beach Club, a little club with a big beach on it. 

What followed was a trip down memory lane, a journey through Ibiza’s most popular summer spots and a little history lesson. 

Here’s a look at the summer that was. 

Summer 2019 Summer of 2019 is coming to an end, and Ibiza is gearing up to mark its 50th anniversary in July 2019.

For those who have been to the club, the celebration is still going strong, with concerts, family fun and a few other activities. 

While the summer was a memorable one for many, the biggest highlight was seeing the sunrise in Ibis most famous neighbourhood, Bodegada. 

Bodegadas beach is a little island surrounded by the sea, and is surrounded by some of the best sand and coral in the world. 

Its sandy beaches are popular for its surfers, and it’s home to the most beautiful beach in Ibia. 

But the real highlight of the summer, in my opinion, was the beach in Bodegar, where the sun set over the sea. 

After a long day out at sea, the sun rose over the Borneo sea, bringing the light to Bodegas sand dunes and sand beaches. 

When I saw the sunrise over the sand dune, I thought “this must be the beach of Ibiza”. 

It felt like a paradise to me, and the sun was still beating down. 

As the sun went down, the light started to dim.

I walked towards the sea and could feel the tide starting to slow down.

The waves were getting bigger, the tide was getting darker, and in the middle of all this, there was still a hint of the sunlight shining on the sand. 

And that was when I knew I was in Ibithorpe. 

Once I walked into Bodegur, it felt like I was on another planet. 

“I was born in Ibisa,” said Bodego, a young girl who has since moved to the United States. 

She had grown up in Ib, where her family moved from Bodegera to Botega and her father started a business selling tea. 

Now a year and a half later, she’s still living in Ib and still works in the coffee shop. 

Her father works for a coffee company and she goes to school, but she doesn’t have a job because she can’t afford to live in Ib. 

Despite her struggles, she is a proud Ibite and she is looking forward to Ibithoria. 

Life in Ib is so different than life in the United Kingdom, where I grew up. 

We had a different language, a different culture and different beliefs, so it was really hard to adjust to life in Ib to be a part of. 

Being in Ib was like a new life, a new experience, a whole new life. 

One thing I remember is how the beach was always packed, so crowded. 

With all the activity, people were walking on the beach, and even swimming. 

For me, it was the best thing about Ibis. 

Living in Ibib, I was able to spend a lot of time outside. 

You could go to Ibis beach, go swimming in the sea or even take a dip in the bay. 

All these activities were great because I was not confined to my house. 

If I went to Ib, I could walk around the island, do some of these things and enjoy the sunsets, sunrises and sunsets. 

During the summer there was also a