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How to make Lego faces in real life

Legos can now be made using real children as models, and the team behind the virtual Lego club has made some of their own.

The group behind the Lego Kids Club, based in Orlando, Florida, has created the club’s faces using real kids as models.

The team is calling their creations LEGO Faces. 

The face of the Lego Face is based on a character from the video game Minecraft called Minecraft Face.

The face of a Lego Lego Face was created using a LEGO Minecraft set and a LEGO Lego face paint.

“The Lego Minecraft set has four different faces for different characters,” the team wrote on the Lego Faces website.

“One of the faces of a Minecraft character is made using a Lego Minecraft face and the other two faces are made using the same face, but with different faces.”

The faces are animated using Lego Minecraft, with the LEGO Minecraft character wearing the Minecraft face.

The faces have three colours of Lego face and they are made with Lego blocks and other Lego objects.

The Lego faces are available for purchase on the LEGO Friends website.

The LEGO faces can be purchased for $1.99 on the Friends site and can be used for free. 

According to the team, Lego faces were first created by Lego developer Mattel, which is why the Lego faces look so much like Lego characters.

Lego faces, like Minecraft faces, are also made using Lego blocks, which are also used in Minecraft, which allows the Lego Minecraft sets to be made in Lego blocks.

Lego blocks are used in the Lego Friends Minecraft sets.

The Minecraft faces are also animated using Minecraft blocks. 

Mattel also made Minecraft characters for the Lego Facebook group, and Lego characters have also been made in Minecraft.

Lego Minecraft faces have been featured on the Minecraft website, and Minecraft characters have been sold in the Minecraft store.

Lego Friends also have Minecraft faces in their Lego Friends Facebook group.