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How to build a new eco-friendly home in the north of Ireland

A group of eco-kids has set up a new club in the village of Glenmoyne, Co. Armagh, and are looking to get their environmental issues across to people of all ages.

The group has built a number of greenhouses and is using a variety of different methods to produce the food they want.

A lot of the materials are made by the group’s members and are recycled from local rubbish.

The food they produce is made from locally grown food.

One of the most popular dishes, for example, is a curry with fresh mushrooms, onion, chilli, garlic, and peas.

The idea behind the food is that the group is working towards creating a community-wide awareness of environmental issues, and to show the community that sustainability is possible.

They are aiming to provide a platform for the local people to speak out about their concerns, so that other communities can learn from their successes.

The project is part of a larger campaign to encourage people to participate in environmental education.

The members are part of the environmental group Friends of Glenmary, which has been working in Glenmayne for the past 15 years.

Friends of the Glenmoyle environmental children club said the group had worked hard to get to this point.

They say that they are looking forward to their new home in Glenmary.

It will have a roof garden, and a swimming pool, which they are hoping to bring to Glenmoys village.

The environmental children’s club said they are hopeful that their project will lead to a change in the local environment, as well as to more environmentally-friendly practices.

They said they had learnt a lot from the other members and they hoped to encourage other groups to work together.

Environment Ireland says there are about 3,000 children living in the area.

They believe it is important to give people an understanding of the issues involved in sustainable living and that people need to understand how the environment is affecting their lives.