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Kids club is launching a new program called ‘I’m an Aussie’

The Aussie Kids Discovery Club is launching an Australian-themed club to give young people a better idea of the country’s culture and history.

The initiative was announced on the website of Kids Discovery, which is the brainchild of former ABC presenter and author Tony Okemos, who says the club aims to give Australian kids an appreciation of the diversity of the nation’s culture.

It’s an opportunity to give them a little more insight into the country, he said.

“I think it’s a really great thing to do,” Mr Okems told ABC News Breakfast.

“It’s a way to give a little bit of context to a lot of things that might seem a little strange, like how Australian people are.”

What makes us Australian is the diversity that we have, so it’s very important to try and get to know this country and its people.

“Mr Okemans children were introduced to the club through a series of films he had made, including “The Adventures of Tippy and Dale” and “My Big Fat Australian Wedding”.

He said the club would be able to give kids a more realistic view of Australia’s diversity, but also a greater appreciation for its unique cultural and social customs.”

We’re not really going to look at the people, we’re not going to take their ethnicity, we’ve got the people here.

“That’s the great thing about this club, it’s about giving a little piece of the Australian story to a whole nation,” he said of the project.

The club was launched in November last year, and it’s been a hit with children.

“They’ve been very supportive, we can’t thank them enough,” Mr Seddon said.

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