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Why did we put this video in the Kids Cycling Club documentary?

The Kids Cycling club is a charity group that aims to help children who are interested in cycling.

The group started as a small bike club and now has more than 100 members.

The Kids Club has also helped thousands of children with special needs across the UK through their programs, which have included:• Special Needs Cycling – an annual cycling event for children with physical and speech impairments• The Kids’ Cycle Track (CCT) – a fun-filled cycling experience for children aged eight to 18, and their parents and guardians• The Bikes For Cancer Foundation (BFFC) – an initiative run by Kids Cycling to support the children who have undergone chemotherapy and the families of those who have died of cancer.• The UK Cycling Campaign – a charity which helps children and their families find ways to enjoy cycling with their friends, including those who are deaf and hard of hearing.

The club is now based in Bristol and they are now taking their charity efforts to the wider UK.

As a result, they are hosting the Kids’ Cycling Club at their Bristol home.

In this video, the Kids Cycle Club’s CEO, Peter Hutton, talks to the BBC about why they put the Kids cycling club documentary together.

You can watch the video above or catch up with the Kids Club at www.kidscyclingclub.org.