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Watch: Obama’s ‘greatest show’ moment comes in ‘Greatest Show Ever’ video

President Barack Obama delivered a historic speech on Sunday, announcing a new initiative to help children in need, including the expansion of the National Parks Service, an initiative that could potentially save millions of dollars a year.

The White House also announced a new national program to support the creation of “the greatest show ever” in the United States.

The president’s announcement is the culmination of a campaign to get Congress to spend $20 billion to expand the National Park Service, including a new $15 million program to help schools create and administer a new public playground in every state, a $20 million initiative to expand preschool for children in low-income families and $3 billion in federal grants for private nonprofit groups to create “the most inclusive public parks” in America.

This is a great moment, says President Obama, who has launched the new National Parks Commission.

It will help our kids have a better chance of having a brighter future, says the president.

“This is one of the most significant, positive accomplishments in our history.”

The Whitehouse said the National Institutes of Health will also be funding a $15.3 million grant to help create and expand the White House’s Child Care Innovation Hub, which aims to help families with children get access to preschool services in their own communities.

The expansion of preschools in low and middle-income communities is part of a larger goal to improve the health of low- and middle‑income families, which could help offset the costs of a growing national obesity epidemic.

The effort will also include $15 billion in new federal funds to help the Children’s Health Insurance Program expand to more states and to expand access to health care for low-wage workers.

“The children of America are the ones who are going to pay for this, and it’s time we paid for it,” said the president, who signed the proclamation Sunday.

“They’re the ones in the poorest neighborhoods, who need the most help.

And they’re the kids who can’t get access.

It’s time to give them a place to thrive.”

The announcement comes amid a growing debate over the best way to help communities across the country build the capacity to serve their communities.

While Congress is scheduled to vote on the $20-billion spending bill later this week, many observers are skeptical that a bill that includes $15-billion will be able to pass in its current form, given the deep partisan divide.

The new initiative could cost as much as $4.5 billion, and the Whitehouse is promising to provide a detailed analysis of its potential costs to Congress before it releases its recommendations.

The president also announced that a $5.4 billion grant to the National Endowment for the Arts will be dedicated to expanding the nation’s annual musical programming.