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Kids Club Charity is Giving Away a Million Dollar Gift to Save Kids From the Dark Future

The kids club is giving away a million dollars to a nonprofit dedicated to helping children with special needs.

The kids club will use the money to help children with disabilities.

“I’m excited to announce that we have secured a million dollar donation from the Kids Club Foundation to a charitable organization dedicated to serving children with learning disabilities, including our special needs children,” Kids Club CEO Tom Sauer said.

A statement from the Children’s National Medical Center said: “The Children’s Club Foundation is proud to be a major supporter of our children’s medical centers, which help thousands of children each year.

We are very excited to have received this generous donation and will work with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Childrens Hospital of Boston to provide these important services for our kids.

Read moreAbout Kids Club The Childrens Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides health, educational, and social services for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and provides support for families.

Its mission is to make a difference by providing resources, education and support to those in need, including the families and children of all ages.”

The foundation will use $500,000 to help fund the medical center’s research and training efforts, and the organization will use another $500 for outreach and training.